Meet the best of yourself, you will not be alone on your way forward

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Every one of us hopes that we can be smooth sailing in our work and life, come true, and show the best state of life.

However, different life circumstances will give us different difficulties and challenges, but also give us different nourishment and growth, so, how do we smile at the autumn moon spring breeze in different life circumstances, let the flowers of life shine brightly?

Rooted in the soil, full of vitality.

In the Road of Life, Liu Qiaozhen is a very vivid and touching character image.

Born in an ordinary peasant family, she has no cultural education, but she has a strong yearning for knowledge and the outside world in her heart.

I think, the most precious person, is a never admit defeat forever upward momentum.

And Qiao Jane’s body, it is such a strong head.

Although Qiaozhen’s living environment is not very good, poor and closed life has been tightly oppressed her, but Qiaozhen is still trying to change their living conditions, she is hard-working and simple, do all kinds of farm work is a good hand, she learned to drive a tractor, but also hard to learn culture.

The writer Liang Xiaosheng once said that the most tenacious power is the power of seeds. As soon as the seeds hit the ground, as soon as they make contact with the soil, as long as it is in the spring, they “seize the opportunity” to overcome the evils of the conditions and grow into a plant of one kind or another.

Rooted in the soil, no matter what kind of environment, are struggling to rise, full of vitality, this is the best state of life.

The beautiful state of life is found and presented in constant touch and friction.

All the encounters may be a kind of beautiful touch, beautiful germination, beautiful discovery.

Lin Huiyin is a famous architect of our modern times, but she is also a person who has learned much and rich knowledge.

In 1931, Lin Huiyin gave up her work due to illness and went to Beijing to recuperate.

In Xiangshan, the quiet living environment, the quiet beauty of the moonlight, the ripples of the pool, the spring breeze, the sprinkling of the rain, as well as the meditation on life, all aroused Lin Huiyin’s mild poetic feeling, and she wrote a large number of beautiful poems during this period.

“You are the April day of the world, the sound of laughter lights up the wind on all sides.”

This wonderful poem not only added a lot of interest to Lin Huiyin’s sick life, but also made her more deeply feel the beauty of life, the beauty of life, so that she also more love life.

When we have a pair of eyes that are good at finding, have a heart that seeks for the good, we can see the good in life, we can meet the good self in life.

In the shape of a better life to achieve the best of their own.

The novel “Shawshank Redemption” is the work of American writer Stephen. Edwin King’s book about hope in life.

In the novel, the protagonist Andy is imprisoned unjustly. In prison, no matter what kind of circumstances he faces, Andy never gives up the pursuit of hope and the shaping of a better life.

He wrote insistently to the governor asking for funds to expand and enrich the prison library; He helps his cellmate Tommy pass the self-study exam and strive for a better future. He traded his detention for a moment of musical immersion with his fellow inmates.

In fact, each of us is not only shaped by our surroundings, but we also shape our environment, our life.

In a heart full of hope, we can always see the future full of hope, and that better future may be in our efforts to shape at this moment.

Therefore, the good life is in fact to shape the heart of beauty.


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