The top 10 most attractive traits in a woman

The top 10 most attractive traits in a woman

According to evolutionary psychologists, men and women use different strategies for sexual play. Modern people are always looking for something special to attract the opposite sex. When it comes to our desires, there are more questions than answers: it often goes back to the origins of the human race, but here we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things that attract men to women.

1. Good looks

If a man wants to be in a long-term relationship with a woman, he might want to think more about her looks. New research from the University of Austin suggests that men think more about women’s looks than their bodies in a long-term relationship. This may explain why women spend so much time grooming their faces rather than their bodies.

2. She appreciates you

In long-term relationships, the number one complaint men have is that it’s hard to please their partner. In other words, they feel disrespected. Conversely, studies have shown that women who regularly express admiration for men are more attractive to men.

3. Self-sacrifice

Studies have shown that women who are naturally romantic are more likely to give their lives to charity. Women are more likely to display their self-sacrifice in public, a trait that unconsciously attracts the men around them.

4. Your period

Numerous studies have shown that people have the ability to detect physiological abilities unconsciously. According to a 2009 study by Muller and Johan, men can easily smell a woman’s menstruating shirt. Men prefer to smell women when they are menstruating. The study further showed that men rated women’s attractiveness more in terms of their attractiveness during their period.

5. You are harmonious and often put yourself in others’ shoes

Danielle, of Newcastle University, has shown that women are better at empathy than men. The study also showed that empathy is a form of harmony. From human origins, the advice and maintenance of social alliances probably depended more on women than men. In modern society, men are more extroverted and drown out this trait in women.

6. Physical attractiveness

In their 2010 study, Jamie and David found that when men look at a picture of a girl and want to ask her out, it’s mostly because of her body rather than her looks. Before considering mating with the opposite sex in primitive societies, cave men would first look at their bodies, such as whether they were pregnant, to see if it was worth mating with them. This could explain the modern standard of seeking a one-night stand.

7. Big eyes and a shapely mouth

Many studies have shown that men prefer girls with big eyes. This is because this is a gentle trait that is easily linked to the subconscious mind of physical health and reproduction. In addition, Michael’s research has shown that men prefer girls with proportioned mouths, which means the mouth is 50 percent the width of the face.

8. Waist-hip ratio

Here’s a waist-to-hip ratio that makes men swish. In the Western world, it’s zero. 7, which means that the circumference of the waist is 70 percent of the circumference of the hips. In other countries, the figure may be slightly higher or lower. From an evolutionary point of view, if the ratio is below zero. 6 can mean bad for childbirth if the ratio is higher than 0. 8, which could mean some obesity.

9. Red clothing

We know that red is usually a symbol of love, sex and romance. But new research by Andrew and Diane suggests that there is a biological basis for our desire for red. Many animals in nature use red as a mating signal.

10. Mild emotions


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