A man falls in love with a woman, all have their own shadow

Men at different stages, the perception of attractive women is different.

The most commonly recognized attractive women are: a longer appearance is more feminine, such as the body convex back more eye-catching. And there are some inner qualities of the opposite sex, more accurately, that are more similar to their inner qualities.

The reason is also very simple, the nature of love is narcissism, choose the final partner, must have a lot of similarities with their own people.

A man may be attracted to someone who complements him, but he’s bound to end up with someone similar to him.

Smart people looking for smart people, honest people looking for honest people, all aspects of similar conditions, it is easier to attract each other, come together.


This involves a psychological theory: Anima and Animus theory.

The psychologist Jung once proposed the theory of “Anima and Animus,” which holds that there is no psychological gender between men and women.

Physically neither male nor female, but psychologically everyone has two genders, and the proportion of psychological male and female sex, is different from person to person, so some men look more feminine, some women look more masculine, this is a manifestation of psychological gender in the externalization.

Jung said, “In every man there is an unconscious female figure, which I call Anima, and in every woman there is an unconscious male figure, which I call Animus.”

It can be understood that Anima is the unconscious femininity of men, and Animus is the unconscious masculinity of women.

Men occasionally display these feminine traits, such as feminine behavior when frightened, feelings of cuteness and a tendency to cry.

The process of a man falling in love with a woman is actually when he projects his “Anima” onto a woman. It seems that a man is in love with a feminine person, but what he is really in love with is another part of himself.

But this other part of oneself, is also changing with a person’s growth, because people in different stages, like the opposite sex is not the same.

In Jungian theory, anima in men develops in four stages.

Stage 1: Anima Stage of the Body

In the first stage, men are attracted to good bodies, in short, to women who are sexy, beautiful and more capable of fulfilling their needs.

As long as the woman’s looks, figure and grooming are in line with a man’s aesthetic, men will find her extremely attractive, regardless of what is on the inside, and the level of appearance is the best judge.

Some adolescent boys’ favorite woman is usually the heroine of an island romance action movie, or some sexy female star.

At this stage, the male is generally naive, obsessed with the body rather than the inner, and even if he can be with the woman he likes, it is difficult to resonate with the soul.

It is said that Taiwan writer Li Ao, upon seeing his new wife Hu Yinmeng constipated, could not bear it and decided to divorce. Hu Yinmeng is the 70’s Taiwan recognized the first beauty, Li Ao fell in love with her at first sight, but finally because of the constipation can not accept the beauty and abandon her, it can be seen that he loves just beautiful skin, I think Li Ao is in the “physical anima” stage.

So, women can attract men physically, but they are attracted to men in the “physical anima” stage, and once they are not physically attractive, it is difficult to have a lasting relationship.

【 Stage 2: The Anima Stage of Romance 】

Men are not bound by sexual desire to some extent, and the choice of a mate begins to take into account the inner aspects of a woman.

The typical performance is that the man began to cautiously engage in ambiguity with the woman, after the heart began to understand the woman’s past, want to have some ideological exchange with the woman. At this stage, various types of girls, such as pure, lovely, heroic, lively are beginning to enter the vision of boys.

He’s not just into actresses, he’s more likely to be into artists, writers, lawyers, doctors, people of substance.

Because the attractiveness of women has a multidimensional evaluation criteria: appearance level, figure, personality, conversation, ability, temperament and so on, the most attractive woman in the heart of men, is a comprehensive of all aspects of the factors, the highest value of the woman, of course, this value is not the value of the secular sense, but varies from person to person, can be said to be their own needs and love given value.

He is attracted to what he thinks of as a “goddess” and even develops love brain at this stage because this is the stage when his romantic pursuit of love is at its highest.

He has a tendency to pursue pure love. Once he falls in love with his goddess, he thinks she is unique. He may make a commitment regardless, or commit an impulsive act such as eloping.

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