It turns out that people who are easy to be manipulated have one thing in common

Recently, the story of the “dark horse couple” blew up the Internet and soon caused a stir.

Many netizens in indignant at the same time also feel wondering, a so ordinary and stingy boy, how can easily hold a girl in the flower season?

“This girl has a proud sense of fighting the world for love,” one user joked.

In this world, no one likes to be pinched, but the people who are really pinched often don’t know that they have fallen into it.

After witnessing countless “love brains” and “soft targets” in my life, I found that people who are easily manipulated have one thing in common.

People who are easily manipulated are often “weak”.

It is the instinct of man to bully the weak and the law of nature to prey on the weak.

The strong will not be manipulated, and really be manipulated only the weak.

There are many weak people in the history of our country. For their own reasons, even though they are the son of heaven, they still cannot shake off the fate of people.

One, weak character, easy to be bullied

Although Li Zhi, Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty, was kind and virtuous, he was weak by nature. He could neither control his uncle nor his empress.

Although he opposed the interference of the harem, he was unable to suppress Wu Zetian’s ambitions and eventually turned himself into a figurehead emperor.

Seneca once said, “Courage leads to heaven, cowardice to hell.”

A man of weak character is no doubt breaking his wings and pushing himself into the boundless hell.

In the face of injustice can only swallow, wronged can only knock out teeth to swallow.

He will not resist, and will not even show his displeasure for fear of offending others.

This is a person who is hard to respect at any level and is seen as a soft touch who can be picked on by anyone.

Over time, everyone’s gonna walk all over him.

Two, weak ability, easy to be looked down upon

Although Emperor Xian of Han was the son of Heaven, he did not have the right to be the son of Heaven.

He was under the control of the Cao family, and Cao Cao even made the move of “threatening the son of heaven in order to make the vassal”.

There are many similar emperors in history, such as Guangxu and Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty.

Even if they sit on the dragon chair, they are still just a puppet emperor.

Survival of the fittest is the law of nature, and few people in this world really sympathize with the weak, who are usually the targets of bullying and contempt.

No matter what industry they are in, people with less ability are vulnerable to being bullied or looked down upon.

Under the law of the jungle, he can only be driven by others, without the ability to resist and protect himself.

Three, weak willpower, easy to be led by the nose

Liu Bei’s son Liu Chan was a softhearted man with weak willpower and was often led by the nose by some treacherous ministers.

Even though Zhuge Liang repeatedly advised him to “be a good minister, but a small man”, he never listened.

Some people are just like this, they have no opinion, and the willpower is weak, others only need to use a few words can change his mind, and drive him to do something against the original intention.

They are like the wall grass, no independent ability, can only drift with the wind.

This kind of person is not only weak in the eyes of others, but also stupid, is the best type.

To prevent being manipulated, start by changing yourself

Lin Pinru in “The Temptation to Go Home” is also a weak man. He lived in the family of his husband for five years, but finally changed himself to complete the attack.

Although TV dramas have exaggerated elements, they also use another form to tell people that if a person wants to escape from the fate of others, he can only rely on himself, rather than expecting others to pity him.

1, independent, clear their own values and positions

A person without independent mind is unable to control their own destiny, they do not have a firm mind and perseverance, not only often affected by the words of others, but also easy to follow the thinking of others, so as to forget their own direction.

This kind of person is walking on the road of life, but has never really controlled the steering wheel of life.

In many cases, they even leave the steering wheel of their lives completely in the hands of others, thus completely losing the ability to control their own destiny.

The greatest sorrow of a man is that he is not in control of his own destiny, and that he lives as a puppet driven by others.

If you want to change this situation, you must be a person with a mind of your own.

Pay less attention to what others say and think and focus more on your own thoughts and direction.

When it comes to anything, first clarify your values and position, and then make a decision.

2. Learn to say “no” to others

Refusing others is not impolite behavior, but a sign of responsibility for yourself and the other person.

Learning to say no is especially important because it helps us better defend ourselves, and it’s a skill we need to learn at all stages of life.

There are a lot of helpless moments in life, we are often troubled in the complex human experience of the dilemma.

We often compromise and refuse because we want to win someone’s favor or because we are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.

However, the long-term compromise did not bring us good relationships. Instead, we were labeled as “good people” and became the object of arbitrary bullying and manipulation by some people.

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