How to establish a correct view of love


First, how to establish a correct view of love

1, First of all, we must clarify what is love Love is a need of human emotion, which generally occurs in the maturity of human individuals, that is, adulthood and youth.

2, the process of love is generally divided into three processes, namely the initial stage of mutual attraction, the second stage, like, the third stage dependence. Then we develop a correct view of love in the course of love, usually from these stages.

3, establish the correct concept of love in the stage of mutual attraction, we mainly refer to the place between the opposite sex to feel the charm, this charm can attract you to continue to communicate with them, can let them close to each other, the correct concept of love believes that whether this attraction can become the motivation for you to communicate with them all the time, which needs to be clear in the first stage of love.

4, in the process of love, through further communication and a period of understanding, you can feel the happiness of the object with which you interact, so this stage is like. The right view of love says that this kind of love allows you to love the dog and the dog.

5, the third stage of love is dependence, this dependence mainly refers to emotional dependence, the feeling of two people together can make people relax, can release the inner energy, the correct view of love believes that this dependence is the basis for two people to maintain love.

6, it is worth noting that there will be other special circumstances in the process of love, then these three stages are the process that must be experienced in the process of love, the correct concept of love also played a key role, I hope everyone can harvest their own beautiful love.

Six correct views of love

  1. Get to know their friends.

Introducing close friends and family members to each other will not only better integrate into each other’s life circle, but also enrich the topics of conversation between the two people. After all, if the other half doesn’t know your friend, they want to share their friend with the other half.

  1. Give them more trust.

Trust is a basic and important factor between people, especially in the relationship, both sides can trust each other, can reduce a lot of conflicts and unhappiness. But trust is not demanded, but is built little by little through mutual communication, mutual trust, mutual honesty.

  1. Be generous with praise.

If the other party does something intimate, pay for you, do not be stingy to praise and thank the other party, do not feel that the feelings of each other are very stable, do not say sweet words, because everyone likes to be praised, be affirmed, not only can let the other party feel the sense of achievement that is needed, the happiness of being praised will make them more willing to continue to pay, go back and forth, and maintain the heat of feelings.

  1. Stop trying to control your partner.

Don’t always want to control each other’s everything, people hate to be bound, the more you want to control him, but the easier it is to provoke each other’s rebellious psychology, the more you want to do the opposite, it will make each other feel no freedom, over time will be upset.

  1. Don’t use the cold war to deal with unhappiness.

If there is unhappiness or conflict between each other, do not cold war, hold nothing in your heart, but also expect him to guess, even the family may not be able to guess the idea in your heart, not to mention the direction of thinking of boys and girls is really very different. Be specific about the reasons for your anger and concerns, and try to communicate calmly “instead of” arguing “emotionally, so as not to really solve the problem and avoid the same problem recurring.

  1. Don’t neglect to love yourself.

Some people have no confidence in themselves, feel that the other side’s conditions are better than their own, afraid that he will leave at any time, or feel that they do not deserve him, so put all their energy on the other side, try to be good to him, do anything for him, and even ignore themselves, but this will not let the other side thank you, but will let him take your pay for granted. Spend more time on yourself, first know how to love yourself, improve yourself, in good condition naturally more attractive.

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